Lucie Vacková


The Aesthetic Eye is a nickname I have been using on my Instagram account. I set it up almost two years ago purely for a personal use. No sooner than that did I discover it served for my visual expression rather than interaction with my friends. Also, I found many people who had very similar views and attitudes, which encouraged my enthusiasm about this platform. It has grown a little bigger and I felt the urge to set up a blog to be able to ramble about things. :-)

I am an avid observer of live, people and all things within, especially interior, food, coffee and other stimulating joys of life. With an eye for aesthetically pleasing subjects I am open to interpretations and challenges of the life in the 21st century - a time of confusion and countless contradictions.​

I love to broaden my horizons by watching, listening and tasting and, most of all, I love to interpret these both visually and in writing. With a knack for generating random thoughts, I am more than thrilled to be sharing what is going on in my mind and life.