Summer's Almost Gone /EN/


Summer is traditionally connected with being happy and relaxed. For me it brings along a mixture od feelings ranging from being positive to feeling a little sad. Do you remember when you were a little kid full of anticipation from upcoming Christmas and then the creepy void that filled you up right after the holiday? That is exactly what I feel during the summer. It is not only about the realisation that time flies at the speed of light. I can't help but summarise and quantify my life. "Here's another summer and you've got plenty of time to do something. What have you done?" says the voice in my head. Perhaps it's because I am not as busy as throughout the year.

I am torn apart between my laziness and my ambition. But at the end of the day I'll slip into my tracksuit bottoms and take off my bra and I'll say to myself that this is what I love anyway. I'd paraphrase a Kasabian song and say that I am a woman of simple pleasures.

But this is what makes me the most content anyway. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy impromptu trips, travelling or company of other people, but sometimes I think I could die under my blanket snug on my sofa.

Anyway I intended to write a little piece on this "summer's-almost-gone" kind of feeling. I had got a neat bunch of barley spikes and they triggered my visual side. The colours and textures remind me of the summer season's peak. They evoke hot lazy atmosphere of a village in the middle of nowhere and motionless air. I see empty cities being blurred in the heat. Although I don't generally enjoy heatwaves, I love the memories of summers when I was a kid. I didn't mind the heat, I was happy.

What do you see when you see these colours?

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