/EN/ Leggy furniture with Prettypegs


Hacking your furniture seems like a great way to change the look if you get tired of it. Even better, if you want to stick out, you'll get a more personalised feel to it. There are countless more or less reliable resources and instructions on DIY, however, things have got a lot easier with companies, such as Prettypegs who make the whole process easy. And we're talking super easy here (I know how to handle an electric drill, though). 

Adding the legs brings the furniture to a whole new level. If you aim at a more sophisticated look, legged furniture creates a lighter feeling and makes any kind of space fresher and airier. Both my sofa and my bed came with default stainless steel legs that were a little dull. The two pieces were perfect candidates for a little pimp-up. Let's have a look at the process. 

What's got eight legs and one foot?

Prettypegs offer easy ways of perking up primarily Ikea furniture, but it is simple to use the components to upgrade any kind of furniture. I was meaning to get far prettier legs for my continental bed than the ones it had come with and it took three long years before I acted on my idea. 

Even though the bed isn't a member of the Ikea ensemble, mounting the legs on it was no problem with a universal mounting plate. I just needed to drill them onto the box-spring frames. Since they have wooden bones, the whole drilling part was done in the mere blink of an eye. 

I set my eyes on brass coloured aluminium legs. They have a lovely non-gloss finish and a solid body. They seem to be just a little detail, yet, these slim and very elegant beauties changed the entire look of my bed. The whole look has got a lot more subtle and very eye-pleasing. Click here to see the Greta legs.

There was a similar process (sans drilling) of mounting new legs on to my Ikea Soderhamn sofa. I couldn't resist the eye-catching natural texture of the Svea legs. The grey beige tint of the raw ash wood compliments the white coarse texture of the white fabric. With a bolt included, all I needed to do is screw them on to the sofa frame, and voila!

It is the small details that make any kind of home or interior a tad interesting. These additional parts provide an easy way of making your Ikea furniture look unique. I approve!