The Brown Paper Movement - mindful stationery


Luckily, we are living in the time that is quite kind to smaller businesses, artists and makers as people are more and more enjoying the diversity, and particularly the personal stories behind them. Being a maker who does not wish to become big in the business world, Olivia Chylinski, a beautiful mind behind The Brown Paper Movement, brings her little something to be a part of a bigger, sustainable picture. These small businesses, although individual and not unified in any way, constitute a significant group that has a positive impact on our consumer society which slowly wants to abandon the old ways and mass production and seeks more environmentally friendly solutions. 

"...we pride ourselves on staying small."

Dá se říci, že žijeme v době, která je trochu přívětivější k drobným podnikům, umělcům a výrobcům, protože si lidé více uvědomují důležitost různorodosti a za jednotlivými výrobky rádi vidí osobní příběhy. Olivia Chylinski, která nemá ambice stát se velkou rybou v obchodním světe, stojí za projektem The Brown Paper Movement a svou troškou přispívá k utváření širších, udržitelnějších souvislostí. Tyto malé podniky, ačkoliv jsou samostatné a nijak se nezdružují, tvoří významný celek, který má pozitivní dopad na naši konzumní společnost. Společnost, která díky nim chce sama opustit staré pořádky a masovou produkty, tak hledá spíše ekologičtější řešení.

Recycled paper, a beautiful raw texture and a minimalistic design of the lettering - a simple recipe for timeless products which have an an expiration date. The Brown Paper Movement mainly focuses on calendars, as simple as that. But these calendars are no ordinary pieces of stationery. Olivia makes only a small batch of them every year since she believes that "making more isn't necessarily better..." Once the calendar expires, Olivia suggests that it be flipped and used to jot down notes or simply to put down anything that comes to your mind.

"Since 2014, The Brown Paper Movement has always stood for change. From the business name to the paper we use, there is an ethos that lies behind it in sustainability and stationery going beyond the norm. Stationery that matters. Our calendars remind you to pause, reflect and take time to put pen to paper."

The Brown Paper Movement vyrábí kalendáře. Tyto kalendáře ale nejsou jen tak obvyčejnými papírenskými výrobky. Olivia jich každý rok vyrobí jen omezené množství, protože, jak sama říká: "více nutně neznamená lépe..." 

Every mindful soul will be happy to learn that everything that is released by The Brown Paper Movement into the world doesn't burden our Mother Earth. All stationery is made from locally sourced papers, which are either made from recycled fibers from post-consumer waste or acid-free cotton pulp without optical brightness additives. The protective envelopes in which the products come are made of a clear bio-degradable corn/potato starch material. 

Meeting someone like Olivia, though only virtually, is always such a big pleasure. You can always be sure there is an interesting story behind. Olivia was born in Sydney and has a Polish descent. She has a background in Interior Architecture and once worked as a candle maker. It was during this time when she became a paper addict. In 2010 she got the idea to make calendars which came out of a need to have a simple but aesthetically pleasing table calendar to record important dates and meetings.

"In both life and work, my approach is built on the idea that one's connection with spaces and products are immensely powerful tools to design life."