/EN/ Introducing ... Jamie aka Lumber Décor


One can easily get lost in the flashy jungle of fast plastic products but coming across people who put their best efforts into perfecting the final product is like finding an oasis in the middle of an arid desert. There is a growing community of people who choose quality over quantity refusing cheap ways. It is true that sometimes people join this community out of sheer pursuit of a trend, but then again, favouring quality over quantity cannot be a bad thing.

In 2014 a disused diary in Devon, South West England, was changed into a small workshop by a very talented maker who works under the name of Lumber Décor. Jamie makes the most delicate wood wares using sycamore, beech or walnut wood. These are more than just wooden products, Jamie puts his creative talent into designing little pieces of art.

"I've always been making one thing or another."

Jamie grew up on a small farm where he now lives and works. Even as a child he could often be found in his dad's shed helping around and fixing bikes. Academic subjects weren't something he'd give too much thought to as Jamie was more into art. The crucial point in his education was studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, where he could meet lots of talented makers and fantastic tutors who definitely influenced him and helped hone his skills to perfection. Literally, he got hands-on experience with primary materials such as ceramics, wood and metals. It wasn't until then that Jamie realised it was wood he wanted to work with most.

"A warning to anyone just starting out, no matter what woodwork you choose to do, you will always get asked, 'can you fix this wobbly chair? Can you re-hinge this door?' The list goes on ..."

He remains heavily influenced by ceramics when making decorative objects such as vases and bowls. Although there is a difference in the process of making a bowl out of wood, both materials involve taking a chunk of rough solid mass and changing into an exquisite piece. His accurately shaped vases possess a certain quality that is often found in fragile ceramic and porcelain vessels. Yet they appear solid. The geometric precision and texture is where wood takes the lead. 

"When it comes to bowls and vases, ceramics has always been my main source of inspiration. They possess such a fine and delicate quality, which I try to replicate with wood but often cracks, splits and warping often get in the way ... but I try anyway!"

For small makers like Lumber Décor it is often very difficult to have a career like this. Before the product leaves the workshop there is a long process of making, photographing and putting it online for sale. I am sure there really is a person doing a little happy dance when you buy from a small business like this.

"...being a small maker, and knowing the ocean of talent out there it is truly is a wonderful feeling when a customer directs to you and singles you from the rest. To anyone who is following me in any shape or form, thanks!"