/EN/ IKEA's Ivar makeover with Prettypegs


Ever since I discovered Prettypegs, a company which provides upgrading stuff for your Ikea furniture, I have been addicted. I keep thinking about what I could improve with all the stunning legs, knobs or even doors for the Besta unit. Perhaps you still remember a nice makeover I gave to my box spring bed (not Ikea) and my Soderhamn sofa. A few simple steps resulted in an impressive outcome. 

Ikea furniture is fine - I like its simplicity, but hacking it up makes it look like a high end piece. The Ivar cabinet, which is a popular choice of many because of its affordability and a simple easily modifiable look, was another perfect candidate for an even more radical hack. 

Giving the unit a coat of paint was actually the most difficult step in the whole process. You can anticipate that adding knobs and legs was just cherry on top. I decided to lift up Ivar a bit, precisely 23 cm up, using the Harald legs with their lovely shiny gold finish to match the Stina knobs. It is probably not surprising that the primary aspect to Scandinavian style is the airiness and a certain feeling of lightness in its interiors. Adding legs is a perfectly natural step to achieve the look.

 The added subtleness of the legs and knobs changes the whole look beyond recognition. Pine wood texture is rather distinctive, which might be desirable, but I decided to sideline it as it would create an overwhelming effect together with the colour and texture of the vinyl floor.

As human beings we probably strive for finding ways how to improve our surroundings. I am one of those people who can't settle for just the "okay" feeling when it comes to my home. I have this annoying trait that makes me rearrange stuff around. I don't think it is a sign of restlessness, I am more inclined to think it's just my way to keep myself motivated and positively influenced by my environment. Hacking up some pieces seems like a doable and affordable activity to avoid getting overly crazy. :-)