/EN/ BESTÅ makeover with Prettypegs


Giving shabby furniture a makeover is like a little addiction. It feels like giving something a second chance. I decided to give my BESTÅ TV unit a new life with the front layers by Prettypegs. The process is so easy. I mean insanely easy, even for the cack-handed ones like I am. 

For the make-over I chose the large Arch patterned 600x640 mm layers in white matte finish so the change wouldn't be that drastic. I really like the subtle look which can be seen in full daylight rather than in dimly-lit atmosphere. Also, the triumphant shapes of the arches soften the sharp edges of the doors.

The layers are very thin self-adhesive covers made of MDF wood which can easily be stuck onto flat IKEA surfaces of corresponding sizes. The metal black Maj door handles just finished the sophisticated look.

See the simple instruction manual on how to mount the layers. Let me know if you like the result!