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Luckily, we are living in the time that is quite kind to smaller businesses, artists and makers as people are more and more enjoying the diversity, and particularly the personal stories behind them. Being a maker who does not wish to become big in the business world, Olivia Chylinski, a beautiful mind behind The Brown Paper Movement, brings her...

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I am an avid observer of live, people and all things within, especially interior, food, coffee and other stimulating joys of life. With an eye for aesthetically pleasing subjects I am open to interpretations and challenges of the life in the 21st century - a time of confusion and countless contradictions.

I love to broaden my horizons by watching, listening and tasting and, most of all, I love to interpret these both visually and in writing. With a knack for generating random thoughts, I am more than thrilled to be sharing what is going on in my mind and life.


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